Imagine International HDTV Antenna FAQs

IIC-ICI102 Imagine HDTV Antenna



Look for available local channels at: FCC MAPS

What does this antenna do?

  • Beginning June 12, 2009, the Federal Communications Commission requires all local TV stations to transmit their over-the-air signal in a high definition digital format (HDTV).    This antenna is specifically designed for optimal reception of these HDTV signals.
  • This HDTV antenna receives the digital broadcast of local channels and feeds them to your digital-tuner HDTV or digital-to-analog converter box.
  • An antenna is not needed if you receive your TV signal through a cable company.
  • If you use a satellite dish, the HDTV antenna can provide your local channels without paying an additional fee.

Do I need a digital-to-analog converter box?

  • If you have an older style analog TV and receive your TV signal over-the-air, you will need a digital-to-analog converter box to convert the digital HDTV broadcasts to an analog format that is compatible with your TV.
  • If your TV already has a digital tuner, then you do not need a converter box.
  • TV's manufactured after March 2007 that have an internal tuner are digital ready.
  • Consult your TV manual if you are not sure whether your TV has a digital tuner.
  • Whether you need a converter box or not, you will still need an antenna to receive the broadcast signal from the air and send it to the converter box or HDTV ready TV.

How do I connect the antenna to my TV or converter box?

  • Consult the Owner's Guide included in the antenna package.   The Owner's Guide also has tips for optimizing performance.

Why isn't the antenna working properly?

  • Over-the-air HDTV reception can be affected by terrain, trees, buildings, and weather, as well as, antenna location and orientation.  It can be improved just by changing the location of the antenna.  Moving your antenna away from other objects and structures, or placing it higher, can often improve reception.  If you are getting bad reception, try moving the antenna close to a window and/or repositioning the antenna.  Make sure the antenna is placed on a flat stable surface.   Perform a channel scan after repositioning the antenna and re-check the reception.

Consult your TV manual for additional information about:

  • Whether the TV's tuner has HDTV capability.
  • How to select "Over-the-air" or "broadcast" mode selected instead of "Cable" on the TV menu.
  • Selecting the proper TV input.
  • Scanning for channels.

If you are using a digital-to-analog converter box:

  • Make sure the box is set for Antenna Reception instead of Cable Reception
  • Converter box manual should show how to scan for channels and how to set for Antenna Reception

If you need to use a longer coaxial cable to position the antenna near a window, be sure to use a 75ohm impedance cable with F-Type connectors (use cable type RG-6, RG-11, or RG-59).

Make sure all connections to your antenna, cables, converter box and/or TV are tight.

Look up HDTV signal strengths in your area online at FCC MAPS this will tell you what local channels you should be able to receive in your area.

You can also consult the FCC Consumer Facts sheet "Troubleshooting Guide For Digital-to-Analog Converter Boxes and Digital Televisions" at FCC TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDE. This should help you diagnosis and correct your problem.

Additional questions may be answered by calling the FCC at 1-888-CALL-FCC.

Why I am not getting many channels?

  • The antenna only receives signals from local broadcasts, so you will not receive cable or satellite channels with this or any other antenna.
  • Your area might not have strong enough signals for some of the channels.  You can check the signal strength of your local broadcast stations at: FCC MAPS

How do I connect the antenna to my PC?

  • To view HDTV broadcasts on a PC, you must have a PC Tuner Card and software.  Follow directions to install the software.  Connect the HDTV Antenna to the Tuner Card and the Tuner Card to your PC.  Scan for available HDTV channels.

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